What is Life?

"But what does it mean?"

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Back to Uni folder! Used MTMTE 28 comics, pictures don’t really do it justice but the cover turned out really well, few air bubbles here and there but nothing major, then I covered it with some protective clear plastic. I’m pretty proud of it :)

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foxyturttle asked: Two figures in the pilot's seat. One straddling the other, its hips rolling, keening softly. "Ngh, Fulcrum", the masked one growled in arousal, making the techie hasten his pace. The keens get louder, the movements more desperate. And Crankcase just waits for his captain to finish with the newbie. "They /had/ to do it there...", he grumbles quietly, trying his best to suppress his growing arousal. "Ngaaaaaaaaaah..." the K-con exhaled and sagged. One, two, three more thrusts and Krok followed.

<33333 this is amaaaazing!!! I love you! Thank yoooou

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Meme Time!

Got tagged by papergrave to do a meme! I love memes I wish people would send me mooore!!! :L

1) what was the last thing you dreamed about?

It’s a bit gross but I dreamt that all my teeth and gums fell out - according to google the meaning behind this is either a fear of growing older or a sign that times of ‘renewal' are occurring. 

2) will you watch gravity falls with me

I have no idea what that is so I guess this is a good opportunity to find out so; yes :)  

3) have you ever gone abroad?

Yeeeees travelling is my life!

4) favourite line outta your favourite song

(So many!) 

And if all you ever do with your life
Is photosynthesize
Then you deserve every hour of these sleepless nights…

"Photosynthesis" Frank Turner

5) favourite character and why?

Fortress Maximus; I’m a sucker for a sad story. 

6) the perfect date!!

Date gets cancelled  Laser zone/ laser tag. 

7) press ctrl+v

(at first nothing came up but there was something on my clipboard) 

It’s an angry Max (bit sad that he’s in two of my answers) 

8) most of these arent even questions eehhhhHHH WHATRE YOU REALLY GOOD AT



Yeah. (Inc. the water in tea) 


A German Accent. 


There are many of them and it’s been too long since I’ve written or drawn anything including them :( 


YAY MEME DONE!!! Now time for questions. 

1) What’s a funny joke?

2) Money or Love?

3) What is a very inspiring song for you? 

4) What are your top 5 most played songs or your media player?

5) Your house is burning down (d/w everyone [including your pets] are safely outside - safe) what three items do you grab before you run?

6) Something memorable that happened to you this week?

7) What would be the name of your autobiography?

8) Do you pick your nose?

9) Describe yourself in a word. 

10) If you could be a part of any fictional universe what would it be?

11) What movie deserves a sequel?

Okay I tag… hypermayu, hopperlicious and ri-aton 
You don’t have to do it but if you do, have fun ^^ 

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Today, I passed my THEORY TEST (hooray!!!!) admittedly by the skin of my teeth. Though I probably shouldn’t be admitting this; Having had just 8 hours of driving lessons and read 1/3 of the Theory Test booklet published by the AA I will admit that I did blague my way through it slightly. Some of the questions were a bitch to answer, I needed 43 marks to pass and I achieved 43 marks in total (out of 50) so it really was a near fail but who cares?! I passed! Woo! One step closer to owning my own van. 

It’s been a life long dream of mine to kit out a van and travel round Britain in it, and, although the build up to this test nearly caused my anxious brain to bleed out of my ears overall, I am relieved it’s over and done with. Suddenly, the dream seems in grabbing distance, so much so that I’ve began planning (in detail) the model specifications of the van:-

As you can see it is a masterpiece, but in reality I do hope it’ll look more like this. 

With a smooth interior like this… 

However, after researching many interior renovator sites (like threebridge.co.uk) I realised the cost of kitting out the interior is likely to be more than the camper van itself so! I do plan to do all the mods myself (with a little help hear and there) this is all very pie-in-the-sky talk and my budget is still miles from being able to afford my ideal van. Nevertheless, the ‘bamm’s van’ tag is now active and hopefully, the next time I update it I will have passed my Driving Test :D  

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Crack! Fulcrum & Overlord fanfic (Featuring: Waiter!FortMax.

Warnings: Crack

Title: Drama Date

Rating: T

Characters: Fulcrum, Overlord, Fortress Maximus.

Summery: Through mysterious circumstances, Fulcrum finds himself in the company of Overlord in the middle of what would appear to be a ‘fine dining’ experience, fighting to tolerate the Phase-Sixer’s strange fetish for exaggerated facial features.

Request fic for a anon (who turned out to be Light321) Sorry about the delay. 

I am closed to requests for the moment.

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